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SkyWire Awards is any number of awards presented annually by SkySoft Entertainment, to recognize achievement in SkySoft film/series. The awards was first presented on December 1st, 2018 at 6pm on SkySoft's podcast series, Beyond the Page with Daniel Andrade.


2020 Nominees

Best Stuntwork

Fox and Daisy in the Trenches (S4E12: The Great Battle) 

Duel in Rizandor Forest (S3E11: Broken)

Fox and Anu Sword Duel (S4E13 Ronin)

Oron & Deja vs. Alliel (S3E13: This is War)

Dark Fox vs. The Brotherhood (S4E2: Deliver Us From Evil) - Hunter Tabiendo - WINNER

Rath vs. Fox and Jaul (S2E13: The Return)

Best Dramatic Direction

Fox S3E9: “Mother and Daughters”

Fox S4E10: “3”  - Directed by Monroe Hayden - WINNER

Fox S4E13: “Ronin”

365: S1E5: “Morning After Cop Outs”

Best Sound Team

365: Season 2

Fox: Season 3 

Fox: Season 4 - Josiah Gerrund, Chris Johnson, Lewis Sandel & Daniel Andrade - WINNER

Making the Dream

Best Original Screenplay

Fox: Season 1

Fox: Season 4 - Written by Monroe Hayden - WINNER

365: Season 1 

365: Season 2

Best Hair and Make-Up

365: Season 1

365: Season 2

Fox: Season 2 - Liz Lanz- Schattner & Sasha Thurman - WINNER

Fox: Season 3

Fox: Season 4

Best Comedic Direction

Fox: S3E4 -  "The Fight for the Ring"

Fox: S4E8 - "500 Miles" -  Directed by Monroe Hayden - WINNER

365: S1E4 - "Moments"

Fox: S3E8 - "Training"

Fox: Se3E7 - "The Things Asked of Us"

Xavier Haven Memorial Award

An Award Dedicated To Creative Artists, Whose Bodies Of Work Reflect Consistently High Quality Of Motion Picture


Thomas Galashiels for Composing Fox Seasons 2 to 4 & 365 Season 1 and 2

Best Film Editing

Fox: Season 2

Fox: Season 4

Making The Dream- Edited by Kevin Miller - WINNER

365: Season 1

365: Season 2

Best Episode

Fox: S4E13 - “Ronin” - Written & Directed by Monroe Hayden - WINNER

Fox: S3E4 - “Fight for the Ring”

365: S1E4 - “Moments”

Fox: S2E7 - “The Deal”

Fox: S2E8 - “It’s All A Little Complicated”

Fox: S2E13 - “The Return”

Best Supporting Actor

Bryon Allen as Sylvan of Viscardia - Fox

Christian Reed as Anu - Fox

Kealoha Nakamura as Davi of Hacradia - Fox

Daniel Andrade as Orasmin of Xoatia - Fox

Terrell Cooper as Kelvin Harris - 365 - WINNER

Samuel Tabiendo as Mark Rivera - 365

Terrell Cooper as Shevan of Raxnavov - Fox

Best Supporting Actress

Sheana Turner as Deja of Ioshna - Fox

Jorgie Mason as Eliza - 365

Jorgie Mason as Bethany Wagner - Fox - WINNER

Angel New as Rebecca Spears - Fox

Briana Celia as Priscilla Lambert - Fox

Best Actor

Hunter Tabiendo as Oron of Kova - Fox

Ricky Garcia as John Black - 365 - WINNER

Steven Acedo as Rath - Fox

Kealoha Nakamura as Joshua Garreth - 365

Best Actress

Monroe Hayden as Fox of Auxdra - Fox - WINNER

Jade Vourkari as Daisy Peterson - Fox

Allyson Moyer as Mina Abrams - Fox

Janelle Garcia as Merila/Eve - Fox

Best Picture

Fox Season 2 (2017)

365 Season 1 (2017)

Fox Season 4 (2019) - Produced by Daniel Andrade, Rachel Keagan, Hunter Tabiendo, Audrey Haven & Monroe Hayden - WINNER

Making the Dream (2020)

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