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TV-14 | 39 Episodes | Drama, Epic, Romance, LGBTQ+, Literary/Book Based

2017 - 2019


A generational saga about a young prophet who's life is affected by love, betrayal, history, nature and war.



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For Parents

Parents need to know that Fox is the 2016 - 2019 visual re-telling of the 2011 digital novel series, Daisy written by Xavier Haven. Although it's often called, "The Lesbian Version of Game of Thrones", it's really quite a tender love story -- though there is plenty of sexual innuendo -- and a sweet message about the power of love in all forms. Characters do drink their fantasy world equivalent of alcohol, especially in the final part/season. There are references to rape and abortion, and heavy kissing between women in season 2. Overall, this is a hate-it-or-love-it series: Where some see "something trying to copy other films made before", others see nonstop vivid entertainment of the kind guaranteed to make viewers temporarily forget the drab realities of day-to-day life. 

What a Kid Says

(Aged 12+)

"This is by far the best series I have ever seen. The kissing scenes grown ups complain about  is nowhere near as bad most movies and TV shows. If you're not homophobic you won't have a problem with the kissing and what is called "heavy kissing" is only in one episode, the rest of the series is very mild. Oron and Deja don't even kiss which is one of the things that doesn't really sell me on their love story since neither of them are asexual but maybe its just something I don't understand yet. There's no nudity or sex scenes. There is a scene where Fox is naked behind a tree but you don't see anything and the scene is actually more funny than sexy. The action and battle scenes are really cool. They saved the best for last and every finale beats the last one. The show sends a positive message to teens and adults everywhere. Beautiful story of love. Great actors."

What To Talk to Kids About

  • Families can talk about same-sex relationships and marriages. How do their friends view/talk about same-sex couples? Do you have any opinions about same-sex relationships?

  • Why does Daisy stay quiet in school? Why does she force herself to date Brian? Do you think she really likes him? Is that right to treat someone that way?

  • What do you think would happen to Daisy if she decided to stay in Fortmount? Would she be happy? Do you think she would come out or hide who she really is?

  • How does the show depict their characters? Are the characters and their decisions realistic?

  • How does the show depict the pressures of responsibility? Do you believe Fox grew to be more responsible? 

  • A lot of the show's characters are more than just good or bad. Sometimes a good character does a very bad thing, and sometimes a bad character does a good thing. What makes these characters good or evil? Can every bad deed be forgiven?

  • The show is heavily female oriented. Does the show do a good job at portraying women? Does the show talk about feminine problems? Are the women in this show worthy of being role-models? Should women be treated differently from men? Is there anything we can do to be more equal?

  • How does Fox handle her abandonment issues? Are they good choices? What would be the right way to handle a situation where you feel abandoned?

  • What is rape and why is it wrong? What should you do if you ever find yourself in a situation where you fear you may be or have been raped?

  • How does the show depict family? Does family only consist of your siblings, cousins, parents, grandparents, uncles and aunts? What is a family and is it ok to let it grow untraditionally?

  • Can a family really break apart once it's made, or can it only evolve into something else- traditional or non-traditional? Is it ok to have a non-traditional family?

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The soundtrack to SkySoft's epic series, featuring Thomas Galashiels and Monroe Hayden's award-winning score with original compositions from Martin Hernandez and Sara Oxford- Smith.

Released: 2021

Composers: Thomas Galashiels and Monroe Hayden

Featuring: Sara Oxford- Smith and Martin Hernandez

Distribution: SkySoft Entertainment Records

Genre(s): Score, Soundtrack, Epic, Orchestra, 80's  Cinema, Fantasy, Choir


Monroe Hayden.png

Monroe Hayden

Fox of Auxdra

Sheana Turner as Deja of Ioshna in Fox S

Sheana Turner

Deja of Ioshna

Jorgie Mason 2.jpg

Jorgie Mason

Bethany Wagner

Ricky Garcia.jpg

Ricky Garcia

Brian Whittaker

Jade Vourkari.jpg

Jade Vourkari

Daisy Peterson

kealoha nakamura.png

Kealoha Nakamura

Davi of Hacradia

allyson moyer.png

Allyson Moyer

Mina Abrams

Jacob Maciel as Alliel of Viscardia in F

Jacob Maciel

Alliel of Viscardia

janelle garcia twitter.png

Janelle Garcia


Daniel Andrade.jpg

Daniel Andrade

Orasmin of Xoatia

Briana Celia as Priscilla Lambert.png

Briana Celia

Priscilla Lambert

terrell cooper as shevan of raxnavov.png

Terrell Cooper

Shevan of Raxnavov

hunter tabiendo.png

Hunter Tabiendo

Oron of Kova

Steven Acedo as Rath I in Fox S3.png

Steven Acedo

Rath I

Angel New as Rebecca Spears.png

Angel New

Rebecca Spears

bryon allen.png

Bryon Allen

Sylvan of Viscardia

christian reed.png

Christian Reed



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