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TV-MA | 12 Episodes | Drama, Comedy, LGBTQ+

2017 - 2019


An anthology series that focuses on a different character each season within the same year, beginning with a fallen rock star and then the young pop sensation who stole her spotlight.



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For Parents

Parents need to know that this intense, moving drama about a couple’s rocky relationship is fraught with moments that are both tender and true, with the truest being the most anguished. The complex, heavy material -- which includes alcoholism, drug use and cheating -- will likely overwhelm most kids, except perhaps for the oldest of teenagers. Expect some sexual scenes with nudity, swearing (including "f--k" and more), and drinking, as well as a number of forceful arguments.

What Adults Say

(Aged 35+) Re: Season 1

"Monroe Hayden and Ricky Garcia play very complex characters that are so flawed you're not sure who to root for. I suppose the point of the season is there is no good and bad guy, we do bad things and good things, and we either grow from them or let them break us. Even if you don't like the characters all the time, you'll feel like you've gotten to know them very intimately. Yes the famous butt shot is in here but it's nothing glamorous. There's no sex scene. Still, this is an engrossing drama, a trainwreck I couldn't stop watching in which ultimately I found myself proud of both characters in the end but not particularly happy that they had to move on the way they did. The UK version captures the emotion better than the US version but both are still good."

What to Talk to Kids About

If you do let your kids watch this, here are some questions to ask...

  • What is the show's message about relationships? Does it seem realistic? Would you want a relationship like portrayed here? 

  • Do you believe Gwen tried to get her life together for the right reasons?

  • Do you think Gwen and John really loved each other? If not, then what did they share/have?

  • What is self-love and how important is it?

  • Do you think Joshua Garreth is a good man?

  • Do you believe people can change?

If they saw the UK version of Season 1...

  • Do you think everything that happened was real or do you think it was a day-dream Gwen had just before she made her New Year's Resolution?


Season 1

Monroe Hayden.png

Monroe Hayden

Gwendolyn Fay

Ricky Garcia.jpg

Ricky Garcia

John Black

Monroe Hayden, Ricky Garcia and Terrell

Terrell Cooper

Kelvin Harris

Season 2

kealoha nakamura.png

Kealoha Nakamura

Joshua Garreth

hunter tabiendo.png

Samuel Tabiendo

Mark Rivera/

Penolpe Beefcake

Fox Screening - Sheana Turner.jpg

Sheana Turner

Diana King

Jade Vourkari.jpg

Jade Vourkari

Emily Pope


Ricky Garcia and Monroe Hayden in 365.PN

Season 1: UK Version

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